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This is a game about being trans and becoming a lich.

In this game, you play trans characters in dystopian Britain,  50 years in the future.  You have been trapped at the bottom of a waiting list for vital gender affirming healthcare. You may already have been there for years, or you may have just recently joined the list. Either way, the list is far longer than the average mortal lifespan.

As a result you have decided to pursue lichdom. Over the course of the game you will gather all the components for the ritual necessary to become an undead creature of great arcane power, at which point you may either transform yourselves however you choose, or wait out the waiting list in your new immortal bodies- you have all the time in the world. 

Give this game a try if you like dystopian settings, collaborative world-building and play,  magic wielding queer characters,  interesting and individualistic ways of spellcasting, and undeath as a metaphor for... something.

Content note: this game contains discussions of the difficulties surrounding trans healthcare, which may be a sensitive topic. 

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Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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The character sheet is very cute! I really like everything about this game


I love this game! 

Minor note: When playing it, we used grave dirt instead of mummy wrappings since that seemed pretty sketchy. 


I'm really glad you liked it! And I'm glad that people are changing up the rollable tables to suit them too.

I might edit that actually next time I update the game doc. 


I really appreciated the personal touch this game has. It feels like it would be a great game to play on a date. Intimate, cute, and a total blast.


! thank you!