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Please note that this is the first edition of Hieronymus, and is made rather defunct by the Garden of Earthly Delights edition, which can be found here.

In Hieronymous, you play a group of refugees fleeing an astral terror known only as the Follower. As it pursues you, you rip your way through reality into strange worldscapes inspired by the paintings of the medieval artist Hieronymous Bosch, the Follower only a few steps behind. What will happen when it catches up to you? What strange worlds will it tear apart in its pursuit? Is there a way home? 

Hieronymous is a Forged in the Dark hexcrawl game inspired by the work of the medieval artist Hieronymous Bosch. 

Featuring printable, bookmark sized playbooks featuring Bosch's art.
And seven dungeon-worldscapes based on Bosch's paintings. 

All art is public domain.
With thanks to Charlie Fergraves for the hex grid. 

"A general feeling of impending calamity hangs over all. Perpetual danger prevails everywhere […] The feeling of general insecurity which was caused by the chronic forms wars were apt to take, by the constant menace of the dangerous classes, by the mistrust of justice, was further aggravated by the obsession of the coming end of the world, and by the fear of hell, of sorcerers and of devils […] Everywhere the flames of hatred arise and injustice reigns. Satan covers a gloomy earth with his sombre wings." -Jonathan Huizinga, The Waning of the Middle Ages

An example worldscape.

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Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Absolutely gorgeous book, really cool mechanics & I'm very excited to try it out! One question that I didn't see answered in the book - when do you get to move between hexes?


Hey, thanks! You just need to pass safely through the hexes, you can decide in the fiction exactly when.  The hexes are a bit up for interpretation as some are obviously busier and more dangerous than others, just looking at the art. A good rule of thumb is to have on average one challenge/hex, any more and the party spends resources quite fast. If the hex looks completely safe (though this is rare in hieronymous tbh), you can always have a positive encounter or restful moment, and have 2 challenges in a later hex. 


Thank you!!