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YOU WERE SENT TO COLONISE THIS PLANET LONG AGO, an intergalactic longship landing on a new frontier. But Fimbulwinter fell a decade ago and your clans, once bound by blood and  honour, now fight, scrounge and steal for every resource.

SVELLUND is an ice planet. It didn’t used to be that way, but it is now. Fuel, materials, food, and comfort are rare. Your clans eagerly await the trading ships. But it’s your home, your land, and you wouldn’t leave it- not for anything.

24XX: Fimbulwinter is a rules-lite sci-fi/fantasy rpg based on Norse mythology and lasers. A lot of lasers.

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Rules are from 2400 by Jason Tocci
Photo is CC by the Geograph project
Viking Longship names are lifted from Simek (1979) Old Norse Ship Names and Ship Terms

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TagsFantasy, Sci-fi, Tabletop role-playing game, viking


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Fimbulwinter is my favourite 24XX game! The mix of scifi + vikings plays on well-known tropes which together help the players create an original and memorable story