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Hi, its possible to have a community copies?

I'm running the campaign right now and it's great! In section 2 on downtime it mentions that you can gain access to WRS backup in the form of two veteran pilots. Are those NPC templates available, or up to the DM to create?


just finished running this adventure, my players and i all had a ton of fun!! this campaign was my first time GMing a game, and this adventure made it so easy for me, definitely recommend for new or experienced GMs!! 5/5 stars B)

It's a silly thing but can you include techoshaman as background and Machine spirit as NHP in the data player .lcp file? thanks


Thanks for the module, Laurie! Plans on writing any others? Hope to get a print copy soon

The text makes mention of an NPC catalogue for examples of roleplaying for NPCs, but I can't seem to find this anywhere in the book or the website information?

Hiya, the NPC catalogue is one of the appendices :)

HMMM INTERESTING. I don't see anything in the Appendix 1 that looks like examples of the scripture they would be reciting?

I know this is a long time since you've asked this, but I found the example under the final boss's section in Appendix 1.  Hopefully, this can still help you/anyone else who can't find it!

Heya i just purchased the print version but i was not sure where to leave my email 

hey, so many people have been saying this! gives me your email when you buy, as long as the email attached to your account is correct :) 

Hello! I purchased a printed cody of this but i forgot to leave an email for you to contact me with for my info, is there any way to rectify this?

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hiya! Just email with postage details, thanks :)

thank you! It has been sent!


Super Rad